Scandinavian / Danish design

Modern Scandinavian furniture from the 50s and 60s of the last century are well known for craftsmanship, organic shapes and natural (wood) materials. Oak, Teak and / or rosewood furniture bring a warm atmosphere in your home and can be combined well with contemporary modern furniture.


Below you will find some examples of Danish / Scandinavian furniture and chairs that we have sold in our store. In our collection we have often big names such as Hans Wegner, Omann Jun or Kai Kristiansen. But also beautifully crafted pieces from less known designers or manufacturers.


Here are some examples of furniture that have sold our store:

Laag dressoir DeensHans Wegner schommelstoel

Luxe palissanderhouten secretaireMooi vormgegeven teakhouten stoel

Bijzettafel met magazinehouder teakOman Jun dressoir met organische grepen

Laag klein kastje Kia KristiansenPrachtig vormgegeven barkrukken in teakhout

Teakhouten eetkamertafel met bijzondere vormLaag kastje met mooie grepen

Deense toilettafel met spiegel in teakDeense eetkamertafel met mooie rugleuning

Hoge teakhouten ladekast Deens designStoel teak Kai Kristiansen

Secretaire met lades in teakDeense secretaire met messing handgreep

Deense stoel massief teakhoutDeense spijlen stoel

Stoel met organisch vormgegeven rugleuningHans Wegner eetkamerstoel in eiken

Deense design nesttafeltjesScandinavische secretaire

Teakhouten ladekast met mooie grepenOman Jun bureau in teak

Organisch vormgegeven Deense design stoelHoog dressoir in teak