How it started

oud logo uit 2002 Retro Studio vintage design

Logo Retro Studio 2002

Around the 14th birthday of Maaike (1994), the foundation of Retro Studio sprung up, although she was not aware of it. Her room was in need of a thorough refurbishment. On to Amsterdam to look for some good bad roles original wallpaper from the early 70s. Once found (one with a very psychedelic print) and glued to the wall, the room was ready for the next step: the collector's ...

Although she did not know each other yet, Dennis was already busy with his collecting enthusiasm, but especially with acting. As a boy of six (1980) he was already standing in the flea market with his stuff, and at 16 he did so. The step to go to the retail school after the Mavo and thus learn the basics of your own company was not strange. Meanwhile, his interest in interior design, especially in the 1950s, began to take shape.

The moment Dennis and Maaike's paths crossed (1999), there was no love for one another that was already extensively present for the interior of the 50s, 60s and 70s. It is therefore not very strange that the two did not really think about it (actually it just happened) to beat together ...

The small house where they lived was transformed into a true warehouse. This of course went very gradually and started with a lamp, a chair, a cupboard, a coffee table, a dining table, another chair, a couch, a few more lamps and so on. But soon they were with their "nose on the facts printed" that it was very full (now also with both parents) and actually no longer went. On their path came a shop and warehouse in the center of Purmerend, and that there was also a living room that was nicely included.

And so Retro Studio opened its doors for the first time on 7 September 2002. A perfect place just above Amsterdam, only 25 minutes drive from the center of that city. In the meantime, the company has grown into a store in which both can spend all their energy full time. Study and years of experience have led to a wide range of original interior pieces from the last century that are sold all over the world. Their stubbornness has led them to offer only original articles of good quality. Their motto and strength therefore remains that they would "put their own articles" into their own home. With this they clearly indicate to look at each article with a critical eye.

In the week they are busy receiving customers who come along after making an appointment, track the website and collect and deliver articles. On Saturday both customers receive in-store. They hope to receive you soon too!

Our shop

Retro Studio is open every Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Mon to Fri open by appointment. Feel free to contact us to come by appointment without obligation.

Our store is located on the edge of the center of Purmerend on the A7 motorway, 25 minutes from Amsterdam city center. There is always plenty of parking space on the large parking lot next to our store.